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Intecon modular buildings is the right solution when you need to build in a short time temporary or permanent school, nursery, health centre, office, changing room with sanitary equipment etc. Using Intecon modular building you can even build a residential house which will look exactly same as houses constructed from more traditional materials.

Assembled modular buildings can be declared as temporary buildings (for which it is easier to get the building permit) where "temporary" does not mean provisional with the meaning "of short durability"! By the way, the Eiffel Tower in Paris (pioneering work in the field of steel constructions) was also built in 1889 just as a „temporary building".

One of the reasons for our short delivery time frames is that our unique modular system allows parallel manufacturing processes. It is possible to start to build foundations and at the same time work on ground floor and higher floor components. The containers are stackable up to 3 storeys high, including the possibility of interior staircase.

  • various kinds of floor covering
  • container modular buildings meet the sanitary and fire-fighting standards
  • doors and windows – all kind, materials and/or measurements
  • the cell is completely equipped with cables, lighting, socket outlets and fuse-box
  • we ensure the delivery of the containers to the destination
  • there is a range of choices for the internal walls
  • measurements are adaptable to the customer needs
  • the module can be both heated and air-conditioned
  • module dimensions are flexible to meet customers’ needs
  • Intecon modular buildings meet sanitary and fire-fighting standards
  • Instead of the standard ceiling from laminated chipboard module can be equipped with Fermacell plasterboard, wallpaper or acoustic ceiling with inbuilt lights
  • there are more possibilities for the internal walls from chipboard to Fermacell plasterboard, wallpaper, ceramics facing or cast floor
  • various kinds of floor covering suitable also for wet areas
  • doors and windows – full range of materials and/or measurements
  • the module is completely equipped with cables, lighting, socket outlets and fuse-box
  • the module can be both heated and air-conditioned

According to your actual ideas and needs we will design the ground plan of your module or set of modules.

We ensure the delivery and assembly of module or set of modules to destinations and their placing on prepared foundations.

The future that professor C. Northcote Parkinson predicted in his study “Home on the Range” in the 60ies of the last century has already begun!

„A dwelling should be a factory made unit, mass-produced like a trailer or mobile home. It should be possible to move it from one site to another, add to it or reduce it in size, replace any damaged part in a matter of minutes and erect the whole thing in a matter of hours. There is no difficulty at all in manufacturing such a dwelling and the result would be better and cheaper than anything that is now available. The plan, remember, could be a work of genius, based on years of research and study. More thought could have gone into it than into any building that was ever planted before. There are some people who would resent standardization, thinking that it would rob them of their individuality. But the houses now built have all the appearance of being mass-produced without any of the advantages of mass production."

Cyril Northcote Parkinson: Mrs. Parkinson's Law and Other Studies in Domestic Science. Houghton Mifflin, Boston 1968 (3rd printing), Chapter: Home on the Range (p. 76 - 78)

Guarantee conditions

The insulation properties are guaranteed for a period of 24 months. The coating composition, i.e. resistance and permanence, is guaranteed for a period of 72 months. The guarantee provided by the seller does not apply in the event of mechanical damage of the coating composition. The guarantee does not apply also in the event of improperly performed repair, applying wrong paint or applying paint on corroded surface.

Electric appliances are guaranteed for a period of 24 months. This guarantee only applies to the defects resulting from normal usage of the building. This guarantee does not apply to possible defects originated from damaging of the single units by a wrong maintenance and manipulation, and damage resulting from usage not intended by the manufacturer.

Frequently asked questions

What is the container building life span?

The container building with the special facade has the same life span as conventional building dependant on good maintenance and handling.

Are there some technical constraints we should know about?

Local regulations for the inside height of the room, local regulations for the insulation, local regulations for transport of prefabricated modules (limits for oversized transportation) Ground size of the standard container is 6055 x 2435 mm, alternative width is 3000 mm, maximum possible length is 12000 mm.

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Inovace konstrukčního řešení modulových staveb je spolufinancován Evropskou unií (viz PDF)

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delivery to the destination

delivery to the destination

indistinguishable from traditional ones

indistinguishable from traditional ones

Short delivery terms

Short delivery terms

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